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Post  Icey on Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:34 am

::Server Name: CookiesRO SHR::

Base/Job: 255/150
Max status: 200
Rate: 30k/30k/Custom - MvP card with not fixed Drop Rate

:: Website ::

Server Feature:

- Buffer
- Gold Room
- Item Mall
- Custom Mall
- Broadcaster
- Ep13.1 and Ep13.2 Monster, map and item.
- Custom Pets with weird style to catch
- Custom Mvp, card and monster.
- and much more.

*No Goatly Equipment (Godly)


::CookiesRO HR:: (Just Opened)

Base/Job: 99/70
Max Status: 99
Rate: 5k/5k/custom - Fully Customized drop rate

:: Website ::

Server Feature:

- All-in-1 Kafra
- Leveling NPC
- Basic Tool Dealer
- Cooking, Alchemist and EDP Shop.
- Ep13.1 and Ep13.2 monster, map and item.
- Custom Pets with weird style to catch
- Custom Headgear and wing with no effect just for nice looking only.
- Redeem Assistant NPC (can let player get free latest/new headgear for free !)
- and much more.

*No Goatly Equipment (Godly)
*Server Promotion, Get your +7 Basic Equipment for 500k and +7 Advance Equipment for 15m.

Extra Note
* If you download SHR Patch, you still can login HR Server but you may error.
* If you download HR Patch you cannot login SHR Server at all

Any question can post here or open new topic.


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