A small suggestion. (or two)

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A small suggestion. (or two)

Post  Rakario Lorelei on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:35 am

I know it's probably unimportant, but since the inclusion of the new PvP rooms we see "PlayerName has entered PvP Room 1-8-1 (or something like that)".

How about we change that to "PlayerName has entered PvP Room Izlude" or something? Again, it's probably just nitpicking on my part, but I think it'd look better aesthetically.

Also, how about starting a Marketplace spot here on the forums? It gives people who don't @autotrade their Whitesmiths when they go offline a place to advertise anything they may want to sell, and I think it'd rather increase the population that actually comes to visit the forums. Come to think of it, why don't we start asking people to make guides here? I've experienced a lot of people asking me what to do when they're new to the game, and as much as I enjoy helping them out, it'd be easier for them if they had something to base on.

Lastly, how about major changes in the forum get announced in-game? And vice-versa? It's kind of disconcerting to log into the game and find out an NPC's gone or relocated.
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